Evaluation starts for SemEval 2019 Task 8: Fact Checking in Community Question Answering Forums 

The 2019 SemEval tasks are now live for participants. The task focuses on fact-checking in community question-answering forums. The task is divided into two subtasks. Subtask A asks the participants to decide if a question asks for a piece of factual information, an opinion, or advice, or if it can be labeled as general socializing. In subtask B, the participants are asked to decide if the answer to a factual question is true, false, or cannot be considered a proper answer. The task aims to solve the issues related to detecting true factual information found in online forums.

SemEval is an annual international workshop series of Natural Language Processing (NLP) evaluation tasks. The workshops aim to advance the field of semantic analysis and help create a quality annotated database addressing challenging issues in natural language semantics. SemEval focuses every year on a group of shared tasks to compare and evaluate the computational semantic analysis systems designed by different teams.




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