QCRI co-organizes the Global Hack the News Datathon

QCRI joins the effort with the Data Science Society to organize the Hack the News Datathon, a gathering of more than 250 AI and data scientists and researchers from over 50 countries. They have one goal; to develop an automated tool that can identify propaganda in the news. This is a novel effort that distinguishes itself from former attempts by focusing on detecting the use of propaganda and specific propagandistic techniques that can be used to create improved AI systems. 

The use of propaganda in news media is a serious concern in today’s world, where social media facilitates and enhances the spread and potency of such news. Propaganda in news media can be used to manipulate public opinion and create biases. Thus, an AI that can detect the propagandistic techniques used in those news pieces is needed more than ever! QCRI’s participation comes as a part of its Tanbih project. The event will be held onsite in Sofia, Doha, Banglore, and Riyadh, and online through dedicated platforms. It will run between 21-29 January 2019. The winners will be announced at the official closing of Hack the News Datathon on 29 January.



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