CheckThat! Lab Shared Task at CLEF 2023

The sixth edition of CheckThat! Lab has been announced and will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece from September 18th to 21st, 2023. The announcement of this year’s edition was made during the ECIR 2023 conference in Dublin, Ireland, where the event’s overview was presented. CheckThat! Lab is an annual event that brings together researchers, academics, and experts in natural language processing to tackle the problem of misinformation and fake news. 

Tanbih team is co-organizing CheckThat! Lab Shared task at CLEF 2023 on the topic of Checkworthiness, Subjectivity, Political Bias, Factuality, and Authority of News Articles and Their Sources. This year CheckThat! Lab offers the following 5 tasks, featuring multiliguality and multimodality: 

Task 1 Check-Worthiness in Multimodal and Unimodal Contents 

Task 2 Subjectivity in News Articles 

Task 3 Political Bias of News Articles and News Media 

Task 4 Factuality of Reporting of News Media 

Task 5 Authority Finding in Twitter 

More details can be found here: 

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