Team from QCRI at SemEval-2023: “Task 3: News Genre, Framing and Persuasion Techniques Detection using Multilingual Models” 

Scientists from QCRI participated in Tasks 3 that focus on addressing misinformation by identifying news genre, media framing, and persuasion techniques in news articles with a special direction to multilingual model. Please find the abstract of the paper below: 

“Misinformation spreading in mainstream and social media has been misleading users in different ways. Manual detection and verification efforts by journalists and fact-checkers can no longer cope with the great scale and quick spread of misleading information. This motivated research and industry efforts to develop systems for analyzing and verifying news spreading online. The SemEval-2023 Task 3 is an attempt to address several subtasks under this overarching problem, targeting writing techniques used in news articles to affect readers’ opinions. The task addressed three subtasks with six languages, in addition to three “surprise” test languages, resulting in 27 different test setups. This paper describes our participating system to this task. Our team is one of the 6 teams that successfully submitted runs for all setups. The official results show that our system is ranked among the top 3 systems for 10 out of the 27 setups.” 

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